Baby Blessings


Baby Blessings
Dear Anne, Chantal and teacher Ashleigh,

I can’t quite express my thanks enough at the incredible role that Baby Blessings has played in our lives. I am a working Mother and was therefore very nervous about leaving my little one in the hands of someone else and yet Baby Blessings made the transition virtually seamless.

The thing which sticks out most in my mind when I think of Baby Blessings is that whenever I get home, I ask Samuel who he played with at school and who his best friend is and without fail, each and every single time he responded, “Teacher Ashleigh!”

He has grown in leaps and bounds “academically” – he is able to count to twenty, knows all of his colours, his shapes and all sorts of other bits of general knowledge and yet above all else and most importnalty he is happy and I feel, safe.

Thank you to you, Anne and mostly, thanks to Ashleigh, who has been such a God-send to us and to Samuel. We will miss you all enormously as we move on.

Much love,

The Massyn Family.

Playgroup Lonehill - kids
When I enrolled my little Aiden in crèche it was our first baba and the first time he was “leaving us”, so understandably we were nervous wrecks! But all that went away when he went to Baby Blessings.  Teacher Zanelle was an absolute star! She treated him so well and always told us what a little angel he was.  When he was sick, she was just as concerned as I was! Pat became his best friend quickly and we knew that when he would come to school and shout “Pat” with such joy in his eyes the minute he saw her! The day he left Nonto and Pat both mimicked him dancing which just shows how much attention everyone pays to every child. I was always updated about his progress and always felt secure.

We were very sad to leave Baby Blessings but we relocated. Thank you so much to Anne and her team for taking such good care of my most valued person!

Stacey-Anne Maritz

We recently relocated and our twins left Baby Blessings in Lonehill after having spent about two years in the care of some fantastic people. Watching our children grow and develop has been a very rewarding experience. The smaller groups facilitate individual attention to the needs of every child and the warm, nurturing and educational environment provided by experienced and professional teachers allowed our children to grow their knowledge as well as confidence. After two years at Baby Blessing they were well prepared and actually ahead of the curve when they started their new school. We also appreciated the focus on group dynamics and functioning and participating in group activities, something we felt lacked in our own upbringing in Scandinavia (e.g. speaking in front of a group as well as listening to others doing the same).

The facilities are great, there is also a full range of activities on offer that include both sports and arts with some fantastic teachers. Anne and Chantal also ensure that they involve parents and relatives in activities during the year and they were always there to lend a helping hand when needed. As our kids progressed between classes, they had the pleasure of getting to know Arlene and Connie, Nicky and Veronica, Chantel, Benita and Brenda – all fantastic people that have played a big part in our children’s upbringing so far.

Watching our children grow and develop in the care of Baby Blessings Lonehill has been truly amazing and we highly recommend the preschool to others.

Daniel & Maria

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When looking for a nursery school or play group for my little boy the key thing I was looking for in a school, was an environment that would uphold our values at home and one that would make my child (and later children) feel loved and secure, and I was fortunate to find these things in Baby Blessings Preschool Lonehill. I will always be grateful for to Teacher Anne (who at the time taught my son) took the time to understand my son and in so doing identified that he could potentially have some special needs. As we got to understand his needs Anne took a keen interest in understanding his challenges and providing an environment in the classroom where she could get the best out of my son.

When my daughter started at Baby Blessings she was not even 2 years old but immediately felt at home in the school environment. She has flourished in the school and wakes up each day keen to be at school. I know that at any time I can communicate directly with the teachers and they are continuously communicating on important issues directly with me (the working mom who cannot always drop off or fetch my child) Baby Blessings has given our children an exceptionally positive, happy and loving perception of what school is all about. If Ann had not taken the time to get to know my little boy the way she did, we would not have identified his needs as  early as we did, and he would probably have taken a lot longer to get to where he is today. Therapists were not only impressed but amazed that the school had so quickly identified his needs and for that I will always be grateful to Ann and to Baby Blessings.

Baby Blessings Preschool Lonehill is a place where a child is truly treated as the blessing that they are!  Their focus on high moral standards driven in a warm and loving environment makes my job as a mom that much easier.  Thank you

Lucy Kalify

“Dear Anne and Chantal
Thank you for having Kristy at your school this year.  We are so sad to be leaving so soon.  Kristy has really enjoyed her time with you.
Your school has many unique qualities that are so hard to find in schools these days.  May you continue to grow from strength to strength!
Best regards,
Kim, Kristy and family

Kids holding hands - Baby Blessings
Dear Anne and Chantal

I knew God had led me to the right place – it was May 2014 and my daughter was getting bored at home and I applied to Buttercup and they said she could come in 2015. I then saw an ad as I was one day  going to work. I phoned the school but no answer as you were on holiday. Chantal called me back and said I could come and see the school. On the 12th May 2014 Amo started school. She was still in nappies. End of 2014 – 6 months later she was potty trained. She atarted with teacher Zhanelle  and Mama Brenda in 2015. What amazing teachers. Amo has grown so much and I cannot believe how much confidence she has

I took her to my doctor yesterday and she also has a 3 year old and she remarked how much Amo has confidence and how she sits still and has manners and how much she commands the language at 3. When I saw her report I cried so much and I really want to commend Zhanelle and Brenda on their patience and how they have taken these kids as their own and how they have grown so much. They show so much love and patience. And this is not an easy job. With 3 year olds.

Zhanelle is also so open and she gives feedback, communicates to parents. She is so friendly and so amazing. My daughter talks about her to Gogo. She loves going to class and she never cries when mummy leaves. That shows that my daughter is a happy person and the teacher is loved by her class.

Brenda is an amazing lady and kids love her so much and she is always smiling and so pleasant. I am sad that Amo will be moving from teacher Zhanelle and Brenda. They are amazing. Thank you Teacher Z  and Mama Brenda as Amo calls them. Thank you for being a second mummies to Amo. Amo has grown so much

Thank you Anne and Chantal for a wonderful school


Baby Blessings Preschool Lonehill is a phenomenal little play school. My daughter, Melissa, has been attending the school since she was 1 year old and we have loved every minute. She has gained so much confidence, knowledge and skill and her manners are immaculate. I attribute this to the excellent stimulation and input she has been receiving from all the staff at Baby Blessings.

I would like to thank the management and staff at Baby Blessings for providing our daughter with such an excellent foundation. We will certainly miss everyone when we move onto ‘big school’ next year. I can highly recommend this play school to any parent’.

Carike Laroque

I highly recommend Baby Blessings Preschool Lonehill. My daughter went there and my son is there now and we are so happy with the preschool. It’s a warm, nurturing environment where both my children have felt secure and have thrived on the love and support. The facilities are superb, the range of activities is excellent and the low teacher-to-pupil ratio was another factor in my choice of preschool, especially since the teachers are experienced professionals who love what they do. Despite one of my children being very quiet and the other more sociable they both settled in quickly and love going to school – my son is disappointed at the weekend when he can’t go to “Blessings”.

Kids holding hands - Baby Blessings
Hi Anne and Chantal,

After dropping Madison off at school today I made a note to share with you what our morning experiences are like. We arrive at school to be greeted by the most positive and pleasant light (Sophie), this in itself brings a smile to my face. On the way up the path my eye always glances over the sandpit, always beautifully raked and ready for the fun of the day.  When my child enters her classroom, Zhanelle is always ready with a smile, a word of encouragement and so much love to start the day off. Walking back down the path, smiling, I feel at peace knowing that my daughter is in the best space that she could possibly ever be for that day. Baby Blessings is a true home away from home. Your school is filled with such joy, love, inspiration and happiness – one will never be able to measure the enormous impact that you have on the lives of our children and for this I thank you. Thank you for all that you and your family of teachers do for my child, so very grateful and truly blessed we are!

Have a lovely weekend.

Carmen Ely

Dear Anne, Chantal & all the staff at Baby Blessings

Thank you for receiving our little boy, Gerhard, with open arms from the very first day, and every day for the rest of the year ever since he walked through the gate at Baby Blessings. We appreciate all the love, care and special attention that has been invested into his life and helping to shape him into a bubbly, confident and happy little boy! Colette and Zanele, you truly are amazing! Gerhard loved being in your class and together we will miss you next year!

I can honestly say that this is a school that takes care of your child as if their own. We look forward to spending the next year with you all!

Many many thanks,

Surà van Schalkwyk

We started sending our little girl to Baby Blessings Preschool Lonehill at the age of 2 years, 8 months. She was naturally a very shy, clingy child, and cried for a short while for the first 2 days that we left her there. She is our first child, so we went through all the usual worries about leaving our precious little girl with people she didn’t know. As time went by, she came out of her shell and shoed us all what a bright, bubbly and witty child she is… (yes, I am a bit biased!). But in all seriousness, we couldn’t have picked a better play school, and especially her teacher, Colette and assistant Zanele, for a more welcoming, warm, nurturing and strong moral basis as a start to her school life. I think I myself will cry when she leaves for big school at the end of the year!

Kids holding hands - Baby Blessings
Our son, Kaelo was almost 2 years old when he started attending Baby Blessings Preschool, and we were impressed by how quickly he settled in and looked forward to going to school every day. Kaelo was joined by his sister Moitheri the following year, and she too quickly settled in and loved going to school.

Baby Blessings Preschool Lonehill provides a nurturing and safe learning environment, and the staff’s fun approach to teaching makes it easy for children to learn. Our children went to school in the morning happy, and came home excited to share what they had learned. They could explain in great detail the many creative craft projects that they brought home from school, and spoke confidently about the weekly themes. Their confidence and enthusiasm made it easier for us to reinforce at home what they had learned at school. We are truly grateful for the support and care Kaelo and Moitheri received at Baby Blessings, and would gladly recommend the school to any parent.

Zoleka and Kagiso Machele

The development and growth that Adam has shown this year has been fantastic, supported by the wonderful teachers that give so much attention to each child. He is so happy at Baby Blessings and I’m really excited for him to spend the next 2 years with them until Adam starts big school.
Tanya Pienaar

Our son has been at Baby Blessings Preschool for just over a year now, the most appealing factor to us is the low child to teacher ratio allowing our son more of an individual attention. We are so happy with the great progress we have and continue to see in our son, thank you Baby Blessings for doing such a good job.
Marika and Raoul

Kids holding hands - Baby Blessings
The main reason I sent my children to Baby Blessings Preschool Lonehill was because I love the way that all the age groups are separated-even when out to play at all the different playstaions in the playground. This was very importnat for me as a parent, knowing that there was no chance of bullying/intimidation from an older child. The “smallness” of the school really creates a wonderful family vibe/environment and it is therefore not overwhelming for the children especially when they first start. The teachers have been amazing and have their fingers on the pulse of every child, their development and all the going on’s of the school. My children have been so happy there, so nutured and so loved. I highly reccomend this school to any parent wanting a close knit family environment for their child. My eldest son who is now at Crawford has to run in and greet his old teacher every morning because he misses her so much (teacher Zhanelle) and tells me how much he loves her everyday when we leave. Wonderful teachers + safe playing and nuturing environment = happy, confident, stimulated children. What more could a mom ask for?
Janice McBride

Dear Anne and Chantal. I would like to take this opportunity to thank God for his love which is presiding at Baby Blessing Preschool, secondly to thank the management and lovely staff and teachers in our blessed preschool for the excellent input my son Ozil is receiving. I really appreciate the solid foundation and a superb bond he has cemented with everyone at school,he really likes the school so much. I’m really very sorry that at times my son is violent to other kids and he doesn’t have that sense of sharing,I even notice at times at home when there are kids who visit us,as his mother I’m also trying at my level best to teach him and I’m also grateful to his teacher who at times teach me how to handle him. Ozil belongs to Baby Blessing Preschool until the end of time.You are his parents and you know better than I do,so may you kindly continue helping me. Thank you in advance.
Shaleen Woodend

Kids holding hands - Baby Blessings
Both our children have loved attending Baby Blessings Preschool and have thrived on the fun, learning and interaction. Whilst their caring attitude and belief in family values has nurtured social and emotional growth in our kids, so too have they assisted tremendously in their general skills development. There is always happy face to greet you at the gate which makes parents and kids feel welcomed.



I have had the privilege of having both my kids go to Baby Blessings Preschool Lonehill. What an amazing place with amazing people! I really felt that my children were not only well looked after, but LOVED. It is clear that God’s love and presence presides at this school – wish there were more Christian-based schools like Baby Blessings. My children were truly blessed during their time at Baby Blessings. All the best Daniel & Mackenzie
Belinda Boardman