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Sick Children at School Policy

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Sick Children at School Policy

*Please see also Covid-19 section with regards to sick children. 


Please take note of our policy regarding sick children at school:

As it is our priority to keep children healthy here at school, it is vital for all parents to adhere to our policy as it only takes one child with germs to pass them on to a whole class and to the Teachers.

As infections and illnesses are easily transmitted from one child to another in a school environment, we do not allow sick children at school.

Please DO NOT send your child to school if he / she is:

  • Running a fever
  • Vomiting or has diarrhoea
  • Coughing excessively
  • Has a green nose, which is contagious
  • Has conjunctivitis or an eye infection


  • If your child has had a temperature / vomiting / diarrhoea during the night, please will you keep him / her at home the following day, rather than give medication in the morning and then send him / her to school.  Not only do the germs spread to the other children, but the medication wears off and then your little one is miserable and not up to a day at school.
  • If your child has been to the doctor, please will you kindly ask for a doctor’s note as to when your child should be able to return to school and hand this to your child’s class Teacher when your little one returns.  We also require a letter from the doctor should you be told that your child has a specific allergy and that is why he / she has an incessant cough or thick nose.
  • If the doctor has prescribed a course of antibiotics for your child, please will you keep your little one home for at least 2 days after starting the medication and bring with you a doctor’s letter when he / she returns to school. 

Should your child arrive at school unwell or show signs of any illness during the course of the school morning, you will be contacted to collect your child from school.

Moms and Dads, we ask for your support in this area, as it is in the best interest of YOUR child, as well as the other children and Teachers in our school.