Baby Blessings Preschool - happy children

A Short Read for Moms

Baby Blessings Preschool - happy children

A Short Read for Moms

As we welcome in the Spring season now ahead of us, my turn has come to fall victim to “the flu”.  With all of the ailments that go along with it, my bed was beckoning me.  Another long day ahead… So much to do, but no strength to get it all done.  As the day neared its end, I was exhausted.  Would I have the strength for tomorrow?  Of course I would, but we all have our bad moments.  As I came across this article, it hit home.  But, it was also a wonderful reminder to Moms out there of the strength that we have within ourselves as Mothers.

Successful mothers


Truth: Tonight, I wanted to skip bedtime.

I wanted to blink my eyes and have the house cleaned and the children tucked in bed (with clean sheets). I wanted to sit in my family room and watch television and eat the hypothetical bonbons of motherhood and have everything checked off my incredibly long and large and overwhelming to-do list.

Instead, well, instead I ended up being the crabby worn out mom who had the inevitable bad day of motherhood.  Yes, me, the finding joy gal, she became the crabby mom.

It feels as if I often wake up sprinting and go to bed exhausted while still sprinting. Always behind, never caught up, always with more to do and more to do. Work isn’t an option, it’s a requirement, and life has become this teetering balancing act between trying to get all my work done while being the present loving and engaged mom. Often times I feel as if I’m just not doing enough.

Motherhood is tiring. And let’s face it, there are times when I want to wave the white flag of surrender just for the night.

I know it’s short.  I know that time passes quickly and that the moments won’t return.

But I also know that there are times when, well, you and I and all the moms in the world just want a break. There are times when I want to update Facebook with the words worn out, looking for help.  Don’t you?

Don’t you wish for a moment of just quiet? Or a night where they magically go to bed? Or that the house was cleaned? Or that life and relationships worked out ideally? Or that the groceries you bought on Monday would last longer than Wednesday afternoon?

Just because you have a day like I’m having tonight doesn’t make you a bad mom.

Bad days don’t define us.

It takes so much strength, bravery, courage, stamina, patience, and ultimately love to make it through those days when everyone gets up on the wrong side of the bed?  I’m here right now to write a bit of truth to all of you who feel like you’re failing, not measuring up, and are not a good mom because you have moments like I’m having right now.

Your track record for bad days is 100% success and getting through.

Don’t forget that. You get through. You push through. You love your children.  You keep on fighting. You love them and apologize for the times when you snapped over the legos left on the floor.  You carry on. You may be tired, worn, fatigued, and wondering what in the world this motherhood thing is really about, but you get up in the morning and you try again.

You try again. And again. And again.  That white flag of surrender is folded away.

Instead you are a fighter. A lover. A giver of self. A negotiator.

To be a good mother

The bad days will just be sprinkled in the fabric of your motherhood story. They will be the days where you discover that you actually had that crazy patience that you thought never to pray or wish for. They are the days when the expectations of what the world says being a mom is like are thrown to the curb as you embrace the skills you’ve learned in mothering. These are the days that you will remember when you are old and sitting in that rocking chair and you will marvel at your tenacity.

But more than that you will marvel at the fact that you didn’t quit. You pushed through. And you mothered.

It’s not about you being perfect all the time. It’s not about you never ever having those days where you want to just pull the covers over your head. The battle scars of motherhood – the bad days, the imperfect moments, the times where you were overwhelmed will become the stories that you share to the next generation. They will be the words that you whisper to that new mom about being brave and how much she matters and how important it is that she loves that little one.

Just like you’re doing now. Right now.  The bad days are simply part of the story. They’re not the whole story.  The whole story is being written now.

Not perfect. Just you. Fighting. Pressing on. Loving your children.

Carry on brave mother, carry on.