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Medication administered at school Policy

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Medication administered at school Policy

*Please see also Covid-19 section with regards to sick children at school.

Please take note of our policy regarding medication being administered at school:

If your child is on a course of antibiotics / medication and after 2 days at home returns to school, you as the parent / guardian need to administer the medication yourself before bringing your little one to school. Usually the antibiotic dosage is once / twice a day, morning or morning and evening. This way, you as the parent / guardian of your child, know the correct dosage has been administered by yourself to your child, and the responsibility to administer medication has not been given over to somebody else.

We will not administer any medication at school, except in the instance where a child has developed a temperature during the school day, and the parent / guardian has been contacted to collect their little one, and in the interim has given a verbal instruction / confirmed in a text message or mail, for us to administer a certain dosage of Calpol / Panado / or in the case where a child is ill and the school has not been able to contact either of the parents / guardian.  These 2 instances form a part of the Consent and Indemnity Declaration between Baby Blessings Preschool and the parent / guardian and have been signed for by the parent / guardian.

Should you wish to discuss this matter with either Anne or Benita, we are always available.

Thanks Parents!