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Baby Blessing Lonehill fees structure for 2020

Baby Blessing Lonehill day care

Fees structure for 2020

*A once off, non-refundable registration fee of R1500.00 is payable on enrolment.

2 Day option06:45 – 12:00R2110R2302R6172
3 Day option06:45 – 12:00R3090R3370R9038
5 Day option06:45 – 12:00R3820R4167R11 174
3 Day option06:45 – 14:00R3605R3933R10 545
5 Day option06:45 – 14:00R4465R4870R13 060
3 Day option06:45 – 17:30R4110R4484R12 022
5 Day option06:45 – 17:30R5035R5493R14 727
5 Day option (Incl all school hols)06:45 – 17:30R5215R5689R15 254
  • Termly payments are for 3 months: Jan – March / April – June / July – Sept / Oct – Dec calculated on the 12 monthly Option fees.
  • Termly payments are less 2.5% (Discount included in price above).
  • Should you wish to change Options during the year, this must be done in writing, and no changes are allowed for / in December.

All Options include: Breakfast porridge which is served at 07:30am

Option 1 includes: Mid morning snacks

Option 2 includes: Mid morning snacks & nutritious lunch

Option 3 & 4 include: Mid morning snacks, lunch & afternoon snacks / fresh fruit

  • Aftercare is available on a casual basis from 12.00 pm at a rate of R30 per hour or part thereof. This will be billed monthly.
  • Lunch is available on a casual basis at a cost of R20 per day. This will be billed monthly.
  • Extra Expenses: A R350 Stationery fee required on a yearly basis.
  • Children not potty trained: 2 packets of wet wipes per term.

Banking Details:

Acc Name: Baby Blessings Preschool (Pty) Ltd
FNB Bank Fourways
Branch code: 251655
Acc No: 6207 6666 977
Reference: Child’s name

Banking Details

For EFT payments, our bank details are as follows:

Acc Name: Baby Blessings Preschool (Pty) Ltd

FNB Branch code: 251655

Acc No: 6207 6666 977

Reference: Child’s name


Payment of Fees

School fees are payable in advance by the 1st of every month, but by no later than the 3rd of the month respectively. An admin fee of R200.00 will be charged for school fees not paid timeously. Unfortunately, we do not accept cheques.

School fees are payable over 12 months, January to December, or termly. An eleven month option is also available. December school fees are still payable even though Baby Blessings Preschool closes for the December holidays.

Parents whose children are leaving at the end of November will still be liable for school fees in December, regardless of whether you have given notice.

A 10% discount on school fees will be given to parents making full annual payment before the 12th of January.

No repayments or reductions will be allowed for absences.

A 7 % discount on fees will be granted in respect of each additional sibling enrolled at Baby Blessings.

Should your child already be enrolled at our Baby Blessings Playgroup and Preschool Lonehill, and you wish to secure a place for your child for the following year, a deposit of R1500.00 will be included with your October school fees. This amount will be deducted from the following January account. If you choose not to take your secured space, unfortunately this amount will not be refunded to you.

Two full calendar months written notice is required in the event of your child leaving the playgroup. Notice fees are to be settled upfront before leaving.