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Dexterity Tweezers

Baby Blessings Preschool - happy children

Dexterity Tweezers

Large plastic Dexterity Tweezers are specially designed with finger and thumb placement depressions to facilitate proper grasp and improve hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Dexterity Tweezer

Hand-eye coordination is vital for enabling the eyes to guide the hands in accurate movement and vice versa. Most daily activities require some degree of hand-eye coordination – cutting with scissors, threading, sewing, writing, directing a key into a lock, etc.

Fine motor skills require the use of the small muscles which control movement of the hand, fingers, thumb and wrist as well as the formation of the open web space between the thumb and index finger. The development of these muscles is required for skills such as buttoning and zipping, tying shoe laces, feeding yourself, etc.

Dexterity Tweezers Activities:

(Please provide appropriate supervision when doing activities containing small pieces)

Pick it up
Holding the tweezers with the proper grasp, pick up objects and transfer them to a container. Begin with light and soft objects such as cotton wool balls.

  • Pompoms or beads can be sorted by colour and dropped into a muffin pan or egg carton.
  • Buttons or coins can be fed into a piggy bank.
  • Cut open a gem squash and pull out all of the seeds.
  • When playing board games, pick up tokens with tweezers.

Fun around the house:

Using your tweezers:

  • Decorate iced cupcakes with jelly tots.
  • Pick up your wash cloth or sponge when bath time is over.
  • Enjoy a small toy scavenger hunt and place itmes in a bag.

Let’s be creative

  • Apply craft glue to the outlines of a colour in picture. Using the tweezers, pick up and stick dried pasta onto the glued outline.
  • Roll out play dough. Use cookie cutters to create templates. Use the tweezers to pick up and decorate with lentils, dried peas or rice.
  • Draw a picture of a sheep. Apply craft glue to the picture. Roll small balls of cotton wool between the thumb and fingers. Using the tweezers, paste the cotton wool onto the sheep. Have fun!