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COVID 19 Regulations

Baby Blessings Playgroup Lonehill

COVID 19 Regulations

Please be assured that the health and safety of both our children and our staff are of the utmost importance to us and we will take every necessary precaution to ensure that we will all be protected, kept healthy and safe during the school morning.  We also know that our approach to hygiene and staying healthy will require a constant and committed partnership between both the parents and the school. Each parent will become responsible for ensuring that they report daily and honestly to the school regarding the health of their child, and that they observe the various health and safety measures we implement. This is for the safety of yourself and your child as well as for the other children and staff in the school.

In order to create a “Safe Zone” for each of our children and for our staff,

Please be advised that:


BEFORE leaving for school in the morning, please will you run through the following checklist with regards to your child’s health: Does he/she have a cough/sore throat/fever/shortness of breath/diarrhoea/feeling weak or tired, sense of smell affected / do food or drinks taste different than usual / contact with an infected family member etc. (See attachment Daily Questionnaire for Parents).

Children who display any of these symptoms or any related cold or flu symptoms must stay at home.

Should this be the case, you will need to inform the school that your child will not be attending school that day and the reason why.

  • Either a Parent / legal guardian is to be present every day when the child arrives at school for the purpose of the symptom screening. When a parent cannot be present, he or she may designate (give permission to) another person to accompany the child, with the parent providing that person with all of the necessary information needed for the screening.

If possible, in the case of the above paragraph, the parent may also send a photocopied and completed Daily Questionnaire form for Parents with the child’s name on it.


Please note that morning drop off time will be strictly between 06.45 am and 07.45 am.

There will be 2 staff members at the gate at this time hence the need for a strictly controlled drop off time.

We are linked to Fidelity and have a panic button at the gate.

  • Upon arrival at school, please proceed to the main gate where there will be a teacher and an assistant to welcome you and your child.

Should the teacher on duty be attending to another parent and child, please be patient and wait in your car for her to finish. Parents are requested not to chat to other parents in the carpark please, in order to keep the drop off/ and collection times as short as possible.

The teacher will ask you at the gate if your child is well and if he/she has any of the symptoms listed at the end of this email) and if the answer is No, then your child’s temperature will be taken with an ultraviolet thermometer.

If the temperature is below 37.5 degrees Celsius, then it is time to say goodbye and hand your child over to the teacher. As per the Covid Regulations, parents are not allowed on to the school property for now, in order to maintain a “Safe Zone” for the children and the staff.

  • Your child will then be assisted by a staff member in washing his/her hands with soap and running water at the sanitizing table just inside the school gate.  The child’s school bag will be sanitized as well as the soles of their shoes.
  • Your child will then be taken up to the class and handed over to the Teacher on duty for the day. A new day of fun and learning has begun!!

Home Time Routine:

Please will you kindly fetch your child promptly at 12pm / or 2pm. Once you arrive in the carpark, please proceed to the main gate and the Teacher on duty will bring your child to the gate. Please be so kind as to remain in your car should there be another parent at the gate.

  • If your child is found to have a fever at the gate, you will be requested to take him / her home.  If he/she has a fever, is coughing or feeling ill during the course of the morning, they will be Quarantined in a sick room with a staff member to take care of them, and the Parent will be notified to immediately collect their child from school. They will be required to wear a mask in the Quarantine room. We do have kiddies’ masks available for such an occasion.
  • Should the child test positive for Covid-19 / or if your child has been in contact with an infected person, it is the responsibility of the parent to notify the school immediately.
  • We will close the school while the deep cleaning takes place.
  • We will stay in close contact with the Department of Health for ongoing advice and directions.
  • The child may only return to school once the necessary testing has taken place and the child has been cleared. A negative test result will be required before returning to school.

The same applies should a staff member test positive for Covid-19.

All children over 2 years of age will be required to wear a sun hat with an attached visor during the school morning. They will need at least two, so that while the one is being worn, the other is being washed and is ready for the following day. Please will you leave it in their school bag and we will put in on only once they enter the school grounds.


All of our classrooms have been measured out and marked to ensure social distancing between each child (1.5m). They will each be assigned their own table for work time, and their own rubber mat for ring time, inside the measured-out areas. They will enjoy having their own table and own space and we will do loads of activities within their space, eg- Movement of Music, gym exercises, puppet shows, etc so once again I am sure that within a few days this will be the new norm for them!

  • Each child will have their own set of stationery and at no time be allowed to use any other child’s equipment or share toys. Please do not allow your child to bring any toys from home. All the toys and equipment that are deemed “Difficult to sanitize” have been stored away until deemed safe.
  • Classrooms including all tables and chairs and all toys will be cleaned thoroughly before the start of the morning, during the course of the morning, and again once the children have left, using our disinfecting cleaning products.

Hands will be continually washed throughout the morning with soap and running water and dried on paper towel or drip dried!!  We will explain to our older children the reason why it is necessary to wash our hands and sanitise our school bags etc and include teaching on this during our school morning. 

  • Toilet time will be strictly monitored (as we have always done in the past!)  with toilets, taps, handles etc being sanitised throughout the day. 
  • Hand washing after toilet time with soap and water. 
  • Only one child will be allowed in the bathroom at a time and will be assisted by the assistant on duty.
  • Toilets, door handles, and other high contact areas will be cleaned and disinfected regularly during the morning- and a register will be maintained.

PPE Requirements for Staff

  • Our teachers will wear masks at all times during the school morning, except for during teaching time when they will wear their face shields so that the children can see their faces and read their expressions and understand their words and intent at all times.
  • Cleaning staff will be furnished with gloves, masks and shields to be worn on different occasions.
  • Hand washing and sanitizing will be done continuously throughout the morning.