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Educational Articles

Educational Articles

Benefits of a small preschool

Benefits of a small preschool Benefits of a small preschool Surrounded by shady trees, little picket fences demarcating areas of play – a sandpit here, a bike track there, a wooden train and climbing apparatus in that corner and wonderful free flowing tyre...

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Show and Tell

Did you know that children grow from each “Show and Tell” experience?

Each time that your child participates, they build important, valuable developmental skills, such as:

Emotional development: Giving each child time to share their interests with their classmates, creating an environment of caring, and fostering their emotional selves.

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Core strength in Preschool children

“Let us run and jump and play, we’re exercising our bodies today”

*Assisting us in every movement that the body performs, and often referred to as the centre of control, the core of the body refers to the muscles in the back, abdomen, and pelvis

* Core strength plays a vital role in the progression of many developmental skills in children

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The benefits of ‘Puzzle Playtime’ for children

Children love to play, and they will play with almost anything, including the television remote, and your car keys, finding these items completely fascinating.

So, why not integrate education into their playtime. When children have fun learning, they ultimately learn more. Engaging them in educational playtime from a young age ensures that they will continue to have fun learning as they get older.

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